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— What Drives Us
Our expertise is in technology, but we have a culture of putting people first. Whether you’re an employee here, at a partner company, or a client business, you’re part of our team. We’ll work with you to overcome challenges and find the way forward. Technology is a complicated landscape that can propel you ahead if you use it, or hold you back if you ignore it. We want to help you make the most of it. We’re here to be part of the solution.
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Our Core Pillars


Through any obstacle, we maintain a determination to overcome. We keep pushing until we find a breakthrough.


We know how to ask productive questions, shift to new perspectives, and learn from the right people to navigate the leading edge.


Our goal is to solve today’s problems yesterday. We will always prioritize the most preventative, efficient approach possible.

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— Our History

Driving Solutions for
Over 16 Years

Established in 2004, Barcom Technology Solutions had a humble start from a basement in San Antonio, Texas. Since then, it’s grown to a well-established company, serving businesses all across the US. We’ve succeeded through a persistent drive to be at the forefront of new technologies and empower the people we serve with what we find.


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— Industries We've Helped